The Next Big Thing for Skin – Phytoceramides

So you have heard about this newly FDA approved plant derived oral tablet that was recommended on the Dr. Oz show as a very cheap and safe way to remove 10 years of aged skin. Yes, it’s called Phytoceramides.  This product is designed to provide moisture to your skin from the inside out.  Along with rebuilding the broken down collagen that comes with aged skin.  Rejuvenating the skin to remove years of aging.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery people.  Look younger with a $15 dollar purchase of these new dietary supplements called phytoceramides.  Most of these prices are for a 60 or 90 day supply of the phytoceramide treatment. Doctors also recommend using a topical Vitamin C cream to apply once daily along with 1 phytoceramide tablet taken daily.

Please take a moment to watch the video directly below. A topical vitamin c serum should be taken with phytoceramides. As well as any alpha hydroxy acids.

US Based Phytoceramides Company. Rice and Wheat available!  FDA approved. No harmful additives.  60 count.  $19.97  5 star review  Free Shipping!  Sold by Dr. Tobias!

60 Day Supply of Phytoceramides US FDA approved Gluten Free – Read and Post Comments below!

I looked for these in Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.  I did  not see them anywhere.  After looking for 30 minutes. I finally asked a pharmacist.  They looked at me like I was a horse with two heads.  They had never heard of it.  I suspect after the Dr. Oz show all three of these drugstores shelves will be overstocked with this wanted commodity.

Well, I did find Phytoceramides online.  They were not the $10 price that was mentioned on the Oz show.  I’m sure the makers of the drug raised their prices after hearing of the show promotion.  I found them with free shipping for $16.  Due to supply and demand, I can see these prices driving up even further.

Please leave reviews of this product as comments below to let the world know if this home remedy for younger, healthier, looking skin works!  Let us know if your excema and severely dry skin went away! Let us know if you seen results and how quickly!

Dr Oz’s 5 Best Anti Aging Tips

65 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing for Skin – Phytoceramides

  1. They definitely work! I look great…dont get takes at least 4 weeks of using them to see results

  2. These things really work. My skin was so dry. After taking the phytoceramides the first day I felt moisture in my skin after 24 hours. It was an amazing feeling after feeling dry itchy flaky skin on my face for 10 years. I cannot wait to see the results. But I’m thinking if there is moisture in my skin 24 hours a day, this has to improve my skin drastically. Been a few weeks an already see less wrinkles! Will keep you posted.

  3. Could you tell me which is the best brand. There are so many out there. It is a bit confusing on which one to order. I want to get the one Dr. Oz was talking about in his show the same brand. Do they carry them at the local pharmacy or drug stores? Can they be purchased anywhere other than online? Where is the best place to order them? If you are on medication can you still take them. Are there any side effects?

  4. I bought six bottles only the mg of two gels are 140 cost over 100.00 think it’s a total waste if money best bet injections

    1. I take mine in the morning. I typically experience very dry skin after showering. Phytoceramides alleviate this and keep my skin smooth and moist all day!

    2. But to answer your question, NO, they do not keep you awake. They are simply a natural thing in our body. As we get older, the ceramides break down and arent as prevalent. These pills replenish them!

  5. I am been taking them for 3 weeks. The end of week 2 I had an itch for about 2 days, but it went away. I did have a sore tongue for a couple of days but that went away. My skin is more oily and I do notice my under eye lines are lessening. I will contine to use the whole 30 day bottle. Will give update.

  6. I have taken about 20 of the INSTA Natural bought on Amazon and ITCHING all over. This product is made with rice, not wheat. My skin is looking better but cannot take the itching.

    1. Yeah, I had the same experience with the rice. No rashes, no bumps, but internal itching. Skin looked so much better though. I stopped taking them for a few weeks and started back and no issues. I’m actually taking the lipowheat this time though.

  7. I just finished the first of two 30 day bottle of Tru Wellness brand them on amazon and paid about $40.
    I see no difference whatsoever. I’m 54 years old, I smoke about 12 clove cigs a day, and take the following supine ya everyday:calcium, Vitamin c, e, glucosamine, and acidophilus . I bought this specific brand cause I saw a YouTube video of a 30 something year old seeing younger looking results in 30 days. This is a product that has only 40mg milligrams of cerimides made from rice per capsule, daily dose is one capsule. I’ll take the second bottle, but will switch to a different brand when I’m done with the 2nd bottle. Some brands state a helluva lot more MGs per capsule.
    I have a youthful look to begin with, yet the wrinkles I have around the corners of my smile have not lessened at all.
    Could some of the bottles contain placebos???!

  8. I’ve been taking Phytoceramides for 2 months and I am a believer! I look at minimum 10 years younger. My skin was extremely dull and I had that tired look. I am very pleased with the results, my skin is more vibrant looking. I am loving what I see!!!

      1. I take the Phytoceramides 350mg; 30 Plant Derived Liquid Softgels With Clinically Proven Lipowheat®;Amazon Best Selling Anti Aging Product; Made In The USA; 100% Money Back Guarantee
        brand. Rice based. This company is US based. Their phytoceramides are Lab Certified. No harmful additives which I’m seeing in reviews all over the web that most companies are adding harmful additives. this is a huge reputable company that i trust. I see links to the product on this site now! Their product is plant derived all natural. FDA Inspected and GMP Certified.. Read this on the bottle.

      1. I take the Phytoceramides Plus Biotin Plus Skin Vitamin A C D E – 60 Capsules with 350mg Phytoceramides – 5000mcg Biotin – Skin Vitamins – Gluten-free – Support and Renew Your Skin, Hair and Nails From Within – Minimize Skin Damage – Help Rebuild Tissue (60)
        brand. Rice based. This company is US based. Their phytoceramides are Lab Certified. No harmful additives which I’m seeing in reviews all over the web that most companies are adding harmful additives. see links to the product on this site now! Their product is plant derived all natural. FDA Inspected and GMP Certified.. Read this on the bottle.

  9. Buy them from our Amazon links. Amazon offers great prices on phytoceramides and they are one of the biggest companies in the world. They are NOT some fly by night company that scams you

  10. purchased my bottle thru amazon for like 17.00 and boy after 5 weeks I notice (all with collagen supplements I take also together) Amazon ships it quick!

  11. Hi I live in the United Kingdom do you have any branches here in the U.K that I can get this product phytoceramides from.

    1. Please follow our phytoceramides product links for the best Phytoceramides on the market bar none! US health products company Revitol. FDA approved! Lab Certification. No harmful additives that will make you itch or worse! These are the ones to buy from what we are seeing and reading!

  12. Hi, where do you buy them from? We recommend Amazon. If you do not get your product, contact them. Amazon will take care of it. They are one of the biggest companies in the world.

  13. I purchased Miracle Phytoceramides- veggie caps- 350mg with A,B,C,D,E- 100% each
    and cellulose.
    Anyone have results with these?
    A little late to start asking questions but am a bit concerned.
    Dr Oz was used in ad as was Ellen and several TV and movie personalities and models.
    They are out of San Diego, a little pricey and not FED approved and doesn’t say ‘gluten free’

  14. My skin is very oily! This is great, better than very dry! I’ve been using the Life Extension phytoceramides

  15. Ladies, this product works. I was about to give up on it. But 60 days into it and my skin is so moist and oily. I truly think the phytoceramides are rebuilding the collagen as referenced in the dr oz video above. And I did feel some full body itching about 30 days into it. But that has gone away. Something was transforming in my skin. Fully recommend the Aveya phytoceramides!

  16. I have just order photoceramides from Amazon plus hydraulic acid as im told too take this together is really good.

    1. Great! Please let us know how quickly you see results. Any comments, reviews, side effects, etc are greatly appreciated. We want to learn everything we can about this new awesome skin care product!

  17. I just ordered “Miracle Phytocerimides” on the internet – I don’t see them listed here. I hope these are legitimate! They were expensive.

    1. Hi Stephanie, they should do just fine! Please come back and let us know how quickly you see results!!

  18. Hi, I’ve noticed better looking and healthy skin, but I’m also experiencing full body itching. This did not occur until 60 days of taking phytoceramides. I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing this or if it’s totally unrelated. Skin looks so much better though!!!

      1. I’m using the Aveya brand. With Sweet Potatoes. They do well with moisturizing the skin. I think the cold weather is making my eczema flare up causing itching. I have really dry skin

  19. I took the Aveya phytoceramides and after one day my skin tone changed color. Looked healthier after one day and I felt moisture. Will keep you posted as to how my appearance changes after I’m finished with the 90 day supply. I’m on day 3:)

    1. What brand of Phytoceramides are you taking ? As with everything, they have a million different companies making them, and most of them won’t do anything.
      I’d appreciate your help.

      Thanks, Jamie

      1. Which brand should I use? I was taking the Life Extension brand. Noticed nothing at all. Now I’m using Aveya which is a US company and FDA approved. The first day it seemed like I felt some moisture in my very dry skin. But as I kept taking them, my skin is still pretty dry. I’m not sure if they are working or not. People swear by them though.

      2. Is this product available in Canada. I don’t want to order from the US as the cost (exchange, duty etc.) makes it too expensive. Anne Hime.

  20. Someone recommended this to me for facial wrinkles, and I was impressed after 7 days when my smile lines and crow’s feet had become more rounded and less creased.

  21. I was given a bottle of this great product by the Seller to try. It has been several weeks now and I am already seeing and feeling a difference in the moisture retention of my skin. I have slightly dry to normal skin and use anti-aging products but know that I need to work on what is happening underneath the skin. I like the results so far. And I learned that Japanese women have been using rice for centuries and their skin in general looks great.

  22. OK, I’m 39, I’m a smoker, and I have been taking these things for 6 weeks. It appears that my skin looks worse? I know I need to quit smoking but I figured these would at least make my skin feel moist. Anybody experience this?

      1. I can’t tell Cheryl. Sometimes I think my skin looks much better. I’m also noticing that my skin is itching all over. I may be allergic to this??

  23. Thanks for the article, I found 90 day supply which is pretty cool on Amazon for $29 too, and its gluten free

  24. I have been taken the Life Extension Phytoceramided for 350mg lipowheat plant derived for 30 days now. I see no results. On the doctor oz show they said 6 weeks to see results. I have ordered two more 30 day supplies so I will keep you posted as to the progress i see.

  25. Just a few days after taking these I wake up with a gash in my tongue. It was not bleeding or anything. Just a painful split or gash type thing in my tongue. Anybody else experience this? Could it be related to the Phytoceramides?

  26. I’m loading up on phytoceramides. They work. I have been taking them even before the Dr. Oz show. The results are phenominal. I’m 48 and my face wrinkles are fading away to almost nothing. I was a smoker and now you can barely see wrinkles on my face at all.

    1. What brand pg Phytoceramides are you using? I want to buy some and there are so much brands. I’d liek to start out using a brand that’s working for someone. Thanks!

      1. Use a US based brand. I was ordering off of Amazon. They are not reputable companies and are adding harmful additives I have heard. Revitol phytoceramides and Miracle phytoceramides are the best I’m reading. The others seemed effective but my skin started to itch all over. Going US based Revitol now. Will update you!

  27. Great product! 1 week and my super dry skin is not flaky. Has an oily smooth texture after only 1 week!

  28. Giving this a try. I have super dry skin. Looking for anybody that has tried this to leave some review on this product.

  29. Skin Restoring Phytoceramides with Lipowheat. Helps maintain healthy younger looking skin! This acts as a foundation for life. Building back the collagen in the skin that breaks down with age. This is a dietary supplement

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